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Christchurch airport chauffeur services

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Why use a chauffeur service when picking you up from the airport.

We have been transported thousands of passengers over the past 6 year of around New Zealand.

We take pride in how clean and how we present our black Mercedes vehicles. Immaculately cleaned inside after each transfer and all surfaces.

What are you looking for in a private service?

  • A warm welcome and creating:

  • Assistance with your luggage:

  • Walk you to your awaiting private vehicle:

  • Priority parking within meters of the terminal:

  • If its raining we will have a umbrella with us:

  • We open the door for you:

  • Place your luggage in the vehicle:

  • Would you like to sanitise your hands:

  • Maybe you would like a drink after your flight, help yourself to a bottle of still water:

  • Try a peppermint, require a tissue, wet wipes to clean your hands:

  • Face masks are available on request, sorry at a small price:

Once you settle into your luxury Mercedes the driver will ask if the temperature of the vehicle is OK with you, and confirm your destination.

Sit back enjoy and enjoy your luxury chauffeur service.

You may ask your local chauffeur on the best places to eat and visit for your stay, we will assist you as best we can.

Once arriving at your destination we will open the doors for you, assist with the luggage, check that nothing has been left in the vehicle and "Thank you" for using

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