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Only 2.5 hours from Christchurch City, the seaside town of Kaikoura is located on a rocky peninsula, surrounded by mountains, lush farmland and Pacific Ocean views.  The Maori name Kaikoura means “to eat crayfish” (lobster) and freshly-caught seafood is the local specialty.  

Your relaxing journey takes you from Christchurch North through the wine area of Waipara and onwards over the coastal rolling hills and narrow roads. can ether do a one way transfer to Kaikoura lets have some fun.


Transfer day tour:

2.5 hours travel time by road 

Minimum 2 passengers

Maximum 11 Passengers

Additional Activities:


Whale Watch

Helicopter or fixed wing ride

Walk round to the Seal colony

✔ Try the delicious "Crayfish BBQ" for for lunch

Kaikoura Kayaking experience

Why not helicopter from Christchurch and we will meet you there to drive you around.


Mercedes Benz S Class luxury sedan.

  • 3 Passengers / 3 suitcases

Mercedes Benz Ambiente Minivan.

  • 6 Passengers / 5 suitcases

Mercedes Sprinter. 

  • 11 Passengers / 11 suitcases


  • 11 suitcases / 2 Bike


As we are a private Chauffeur service we price per vehicle not per person.

Mercedes Benz S Class Luxury

Sedan: Black Mercedes: 2 seats

Price request

Minivan: Black Mercedes: 6 seats


Sprinter: Mercedes 11 seat.

Please ask for details

Additional waiting times of $65 per hour may apply for full day tours.


All prices are in NZD and subject to 

credit card fee.

One way transfers.

Ask us about day tour and activity prices, we can arrange everything for you.

Helicopter from Christchurch.

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