Private Chauffeur

New Zealand's Private Chauffeur

There are many services out there that offer transportation, even some that are somewhat questionable. Then there are luxury personal driver services, like the private chauffeur service you'll receive at Chauffeur NZ. From the first call to the first ride in one of our luxury vehicles, you will understand why we are New Zealand's luxury private chauffeur service.
Yes, you heard that right, you can also pick from a variety of luxury vehicles. No matter how you get there though, we will make sure you arrive in luxury from mile 1. Then we will go the extra mile to make sure that your experience, your trip, and your ride go beyond your expectations.
Are you visiting New Zealand? Are you here for business or pleasure? Whatever the reason is that you need to make an appearance and make a statement, do it with a personal driver, and let us help. Your private chauffeur will be there on time, work with you to meet your itinerary, and get you everywhere you want to be the way you want to get there.
Do you need airport transport or are you curious about New Zealand's South Island tours, we can help with that too. Whatever your private driver needs are if you want to get there in comfort and style then Chauffeur NZ is on the way. Contact our friendly and professional team to get more information, and to get the chauffeur service you deserve.


South Island, New Zealand

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