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Welcome to our first Blog for New Zealand

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Hello and welcome to Christchurch New Zealand's first Blog. I'm going to give you an insight to our business, what we do, what we provide and how we provide it.

We have been operating from Christchurch New Zealand since 2015 with our first vehicle we hired from a good friend Graham M. We hired his Hyundai Imax 6 seater for tours, private hires etc. Well after marketing the business, setting our up our website and networking, away we went.

I say we but I'm the owner and operator of Mike Halliday, yes a real person behind the name of the company.

Networking and being creative is what business is all about, having a good business card with your photo on it, handing out cards by door knocking, talking to customers you already have, offering a Executive chauffeur service and never ever change your direction once started even when things get taught with a virus that's devastating the world.

Never drop your guard and learn to listen, take in information and don't forget "Networking".

Keeping honest, being polite, always professional has been mine and my teams policy.

Welcome again to our Blog and the interesting things we do, the people who make our business and treat everyone is an equal.


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