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Hello from Christchurch New Zealand. I'm Mike the business owner and one of the things I enjoy about our business is my fantastic guests and the opportunity to find out about them and there stories. What about this lovely couple from the USA who came off there cruise ship and spent 2 days traveling around and booked a private chauffeur driver to Akaroa and this turned into a delicious lunch at Bully Hayes restaurant but they wanted more. between Christmas and new year they wanted another day with me so I arranged lunch at one of our Waipara Wineries for lunch and for dessert Mel wanted an ice cream in a tub, so with Marjorie on the camera my new best friend and I we found an ice cream shop in Amberley township sat down with our New Zealand real creamy ice cream.

What an amazing 2 days we had and a big thanks to Zoe from The Observatory Hotel in Christchurch for looking after everyone.

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