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Discrete Security Ltd, provides chauffeured luxury vehicles with licensed and experienced close protection body guards within the South Island of New Zealand.

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Personal security while you are here in New Zealand for holiday or business. The security industry is vast, but only true professionals take responsibility for the protection of other people, their travel plans and their assets. We consider all our clients are very important people (VIPs) and treat them accordingly.  


We offer personal close protection security through to security planning with venues/hotels and required travel plans by vehicle or by private helicopter, we can assist you with your South Island and New Zealand.  


We are happy to liaise with airport aviation security and the client’s management team to ensure the client’s itinerary through New Zealand is carried out with maximum regard to their safety and well-being.  


All personnel we engage are licensed New Zealand security guards qualified for the task they are assigned.

We offer private airport tarmac transfers 24-hours a day seven days a week as well as the following services: 


  • Personal guards (Male or Female)

  • Casually clothed to blend in or suited as requested

  • VIP Close Protection

  • Event Security Management 

New Zealand protection personal are not permitted under New Zealand law to carry any type of weapons or restraints. If there are heightened threat levels New Zealand's law enforcement will be advised.

Our services and name are both very discreet.

A very big thank you for all the work involved in looking after these services while travelling with “Robert Brydon” (Welsh actor, comedian, radio and television presenter, singer and impressionist).


It was very straightforward in dealing with you for the quote and booking, and with updates on the day due to the flight change.  This is greatly appreciated!

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Thank you from New Zealand.